How to perform a standard carpet pad cleaning process?

Carpet pad cleaning

Carpet pad cleaning is an important process that requires the attention of the users since over the course of time it gets extremely dirty. Most users do not pay attention to the cleaning of carpet pad along with the carpet despite the fact that all sorts of dirt, grime, moisture, etc. accumulate on the carpet pad. Moisture can result in affecting the material of the carpet pad and reduce its lifespan while at the same time result in the spread of health hazards. When there is a spillage on the carpet, a substantial portion of the liquid also reaches the carpet pad and seeps through the material. However, users mostly focus on cleaning the carpet while ignoring the cleaning requirements of the pad that leads to gradual damage to the material of the pad. 
Let the carpet dry for a few hours before using it again. A carpet dryer will provide better results in a short period if available. Also, know more about Missoula Carpet Cleaner here.

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Cleaning Checklist for Making Things Easier Around Your Home


Cleaning can be a lot easier if you know what to do. Having a checklist is one of the best practices for making things easier for you. Instead of discovering that you have forgotten anything, we have collected the ultimate checklist for you. You can simply write them down and hang them in each place to make things even easier for you.

1. Kitchen:
We usually spend a lot of time in kitchens. We think that we know everything there and that it will not take much time to clean and check everything. However, we usually find out that we have forgotten things.
That is why you have to follow this checklist to make sure that you will get your kitchen done perfectly.
• Empty the garbage can.
• Bleach stovetop/oven.
• Clean microwave.
•Clean sink
• Clean counters
• Dust baseboards
• Sweep floors
• Throw away expired food
•Wash dishes
•Wipe down the front of cabinets
• Wipe down surfaces

2. Dining Room:
That is where the family usually eats and it is important to keep it clean and organized all the time.
•Dust blinds
•Wash windows & window sills

•Windex glass surfaces

•Wipe down baseboards
• Dust/wipe down table & chairs

3. Living Room:
Imagine if you have visitors right now. Is your living room good enough to sit and talk? If not, you have to check this list and start working on it immediately.
• Dust furniture/shelves/electronics
•Vacuum floor/corners
• Wash windows/window sills
• Organize items
• Dust lamps/lighting fixtures
• Wipe down all surfaces
• Dust baseboards

4. Home Office:
We feel energetic when we find everything at the office organized and clean. That is why it is important to make sure that this whole checklist is done perfectly.•Dust furniture/shelves• Throw out garbage/recycling• Vacuum•Wipe down the chair, keyboard, phone• Wash windows/window sills

5. Bedrooms:
Part of having a good night sleep is having a clean, organized bedroom. It is also important for your kids in order to prevent any infections. Check this list while cleaning bedrooms. We have made it perfectly to include the whole room and prevent any danger. • Change/wash linens and fluffy pillows•Dust baseboards/furniture/lamps•Wash all curtains• Vacuum floor• Pick up clothes/items• Wash windows/blinds
6. Bathrooms:
One of the most important places that we usually ignore unless we have visitors in the bathroom. It is a common source of infections and getting it clean protects your family.
•Bleach sink/counters•Wash toilet• Washtub/shower•Organize cupboards•Sweep and mop floors• Clean mirror(s)•Wash/change shower curtain•Wash/change any mats• Discard of trash.

How to remove paint stains from carpets?

paint stains from carpets

Paint stains are a major issue when people have to paint the interior of their residential and commercial buildings. One of the usual victims of interior painting of walls and ceilings of the building are the carpets as people usually ignore taking proper care. Even if care is taken in order to protect the carpets, a few paint stains may still sneak through and cause damage to the carpets. Therefore, we recommend packing and storing the carpets at some other place in case there is a need to paint interior portions of the building. However, if there are paint stains already present on the carpet then we recommend performing a proper cleaning process in order to remove them. In this article, we will explain a standard cleaning process with the help of which the readers will be able to remove paint stains from the carpets in an effective manner.

Supplies required to perform the carpet cleaning process

There are a number of different methods of cleaning carpets especially when stains of different nature are present. The users can either seek the services of professional carpet cleaners who will be able to apply carpet steamers and shampooers in order to clean the carpets. However, in case the users are on a short budget and cannot afford the services of professionals, then they can also perform the method at home on their own. A few supplies required in the process are as follows:

  1. Cleaning agent: We recommend using a commonly available cleaning agent such as dishwasher detergent for performing the carpet cleaning process. However, we recommend selecting a cleaning agent that does not react negatively with the carpet material.
  2. Blotting paper: It can absorb paint especially when it has not completely dried off.
  3. White cleaning cloth: A white cleaning cloth will help in applying the cleaning agent as well as scrubbing the dry paint stains.
  4. Lukewarm water: It is more effective in removing hard stains that are present on the surface of the carpet.

Steps involved in the process to remove carpet stains

We recommend performing the process to remove carpet stains with extreme care while protecting the quality of the carpet material. Steps involved in the process to remove paint stains are as follows:

  1. In the first step, we recommend performing the spot removal test by applying the cleaning agent at a hidden place. This will help in finding out whether the cleaning agent is appropriate for the purpose.
  2. Now, vacuum clean the carpet in order to remove dust and dirt particles present on it.
  3. When the carpet is clean, all the areas where the stains are available will be clearly visible.
  4. In case the stains are fresh then blot them simply with the help of the blotting paper, which will help absorb the paint material.
  5. In case the stains are dry then apply hot water on the area.
  6. Now, apply the cleaning agent with the help of the cleaning cloth and gently rub the area.
  7. Continue the process on all parts of the carpet affected by stains until a clean look of the carpet appears.

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What are the Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning

There are numerous benefits of air duct cleaning whether the health of the inhabitants
is considered or the economic viewpoint. While an unclean air duct can lead to severe issues for the homeowners ranging from health issues, water damage to the building,
molding on different items of the homes and in the long run costing more money. It is,
therefore, necessary to apply the standard cleaning procedures to prevent the damages and to make use of the benefits of the air duct cleaning. Following are some of the most
significant benefits of an air duct cleaning:

Significant improvement in indoor air quality

Over the course of time, different kinds of pollutants, mold, fungus, micro-organism and dust particles settle in the air ducts. These pollutants come with air circulation and affect the overall atmosphere. Cleaning the air ducts also helps to remove these pollutants and in turn benefit the overall quality of the air. This is one of the greatest benefits of air duct cleaning as clean air provides health benefits.

Health benefits due to cleaning air ducts

As discussed above, by improving the quality of the air, it in turns provides health dividends for the inhabitants. Good quality air also prevents the growth of mold and harmful organisms in the homes.

Increasing the Indoor Comfort Level

A clean air duct improves the performance of an HVAC system, which in turn improves the comfort level inside the home. Generally, it has been found out that the stress level of the inhabitant is significantly decreased when fresh air is available to them.

Economic effects of Air Duct Cleaning

There are different ways of gauging the economic effects of air duct cleaning. You may spend some money while arranging the proper cleaning of air ducts but the benefits that you will receive will far exceed the cost. Two of the economic benefits of air duct
cleaning are as follows:

  1. Longevity of HVAC System: A clean system significantly improves the efficiency of the HVAC system and hence increasing its life in the long run. An unclean system will fail early as compared to a properly maintained system.
  2. Damages due to Clogging: Clogging in air ducts can lead to other sorts of
    damages as well such as fire.
  3. Health benefits: Unclean air leads to health hazards, which cost a lot of money.
    Hence, it is economical so spend a little amount to get the air duct cleaned in
    the first place instead to pay the medical fee.

How to properly clean solar panels?

How to properly clean solar panels

Solar panels have become highly popular over the course of time since they are a source of clean renewable energy. However, very few people realize that it is also important to clean solar panels regularly. Solar panels become dirty as they remain exposed to atmospheric conditions all day. Millions of people all over the world have started to use solar panels in order to run their electrical appliances since solar energy is becoming cheaper with innovation in technology. Due to the rise in their popularity and common use, some companies have also started to offer professional solar panel cleaning services while the manufacturing companies are also providing guidelines to clean solar panels. However, it is also possible for people to clean solar panels themselves at home by following a simple process explained in this article below:

Necessary precautions before performing the Solar Panel Cleaning process

Solar panels are sophisticated devices, which can get damaged if they are not handled
properly. It is, therefore, necessary to follow some basic precautions before performing the solar panel cleaning process. Some basic precautions are given as below

  1. We recommend reading the instructions provided by the manufacturing company to clean solar panels. Following these instructions will help keep the solar panels operating at maximum efficiency.
  2. Before performing the solar panels cleaning process, it is important to make sure that their temperature is not too high. Cleaning a hot solar panel can prove to be counterproductive as it can affect the workings of the solar panel.
  3. We recommend cleaning the solar panels on a cold day as compared to cleaning it on a hot day.
  4. Make sure to disconnect solar panel with the battery and all other connections so that they do not get affected during the cleaning process.

Steps involved in the solar panel cleaning process

A few supplies will be needed in order to properly perform the solar panel cleaning process. We recommend using natural cleaners such as vinegar solution in order to perform the cleaning. Commercial cleaners are also available made specifically to clean solar panels. Similarly, a soft cloth may be used in order to rub the surface of the solar panel. We do not recommend using a brush or a cloth since it may damage the surface of the solar panel. The steps involved in the clearing process are as follows:

  1. Wash the solar panel with the help of clean water so that dirt, leaves and other such deposits on the surface of the panel gets removed.
  2. Now, soak the cleaning cloth in a cleaning solution such as vinegar and start applying it on the surface of the solar panel.
  3. Rub the panel with the help of the cleaning cloth. Continue the process until all the dirt and residue on the surface of the panel are removed.
  4. Rinse the panel with the help of clean water afterward.
  5. Let it dry in air for a few hours before connecting it again with battery or other

How to Clean Humidifier?

Clean Humidifier

A great quantity of mold and mineral deposits can clog the filter of the dehumidifier reducing its efficiency due to which it is important to clean humidifier on a regular basis. Humidifiers are useful devices in a household since they can regulate the percentage of humidity in the air, especially during winter seasons. If the percentage of humidity in the air is too low, it can result in damaging the skin of people in the building. However, an unclean humidifier can also result in problems for the residents since it can accumulate germs and microbial in its filter, which can spread to all parts of the building through the air. It is, therefore, important to perform the humidifier cleaning process on a regular basis in order to ensure the performance of the device as well as to avoid health hazards in the building. In this article, we will describe a process to clean the filter of a humidifier so that it keeps performing at the highest efficiency.

Cleaning the humidifier filter with water

Humidifier filter should be cleaned regularly with the help of water so that clogged dirt and other residue particles do not accumulate. The steps involved in cleaning the humidifier filter with the help of water are as follows:

  1. Unplug the humidifier so that the process of cleaning the filter can begin.
  2. Now, empty the water container of the humidifier such that there is no water remaining in it.
  3. Now, remove the filter from the humidifier and rinse it with water.
  4. Rub the filter gently with the help of a brush so that dirt and other accumulated particles start to come off.
  5. Let the humidifier filter dry for an appropriate period before placing it back in the device.

Cleaning the humidifier filter with a cleaning solution

It is important to occasionally clean humidifier filter with the help of a cleaning solution since a number of germs and microbial can accumulate on it. There are a number of cleaning solutions available in the market, which can help in cleaning the humidifier filters. However, various natural cleaners can also come handy in the process to clean humidifier and help save money. In our guideline, we will use vinegar in order to clean the humidifier filter in an effective manner. The steps involved in the process are as below:

  1. Unplug the humidifier and empty the water container of the device.
  2. Now, remove the humidifier filter from the device so that the process to clean it with the help of a cleaning solution can be performed.
  3. Prepare a solution of vinegar by mixing an appropriate quantity of vinegar in water. Pour this solution in a container having an appropriate size to accommodate the filter as well.
  4. Now, place the humidifier filter in the solution of vinegar for 30 to 40 minutes.
  5. After an appropriate time has been passed, remove the humidifier filter from the solution and rinse it with water.
  6. Let the humidifier filter dry for an appropriate time before placing it back in the device.

How Can You Wash Car at Home?

It is more convenient, effective and cheap to wash a car at home instead of taking it to a car wash service. The process to wash the car at home, however, should be performed regularly in order to avoid things getting out of hand. The parts of a car that are most likely to get affected by environment conditions and dust include wheels, external body, external accessories, windshield, glass windows, and seats. A systematic approach should be followed in order to wash all these parts regularly so that the car gives a beautiful look and remains clean and hygienic. In this article, we will explain a comprehensive cleaning process to wash car at home including both interior and exterior of the car.

Cleaning the Exterior Parts of a Car

The exterior parts of the car have to come in contact with dust and other environmental conditions such as rain on a regular basis. This can result in accumulation of dust and stains on the wheels, car body and other exterior parts. Therefore, the exterior car cleaning process should include the following steps:

Washing Car body

  1. Take some water in a bucket and rinse the external body of the car with the help of it. Remove dust, garbage, and any other debris from the external body with the help of water. Make sure to cover all parts of the car including the top surface.
  2. Now, apply some soup on all parts of the car and scrub with the help of a soft cloth. Make sure to scrub back and forth instead of circular scrubbing since marks may appear due to circular scrubbing.
  3. Now, rinse the car body again with the help of water and dry it with a cloth. It is advisable to completely dry the car with the help of cloth since drying in the air can leave water stains on the surface.

Washing Car Wheels

  1. Apply water on the car wheels preferably with the help of a hose. Pressure water will remove sticky dust and dirt from the wheel surface.
  2. Now, scrub the wheels with the help of a sponge and apply soup.
  3. Continue scrubbing until the dirt and stains have been removed from the wheels. Cleaning the Interior Parts of a Car An important aspect involved to deeply wash car at home is carrying out the basic cleaning of car’s interior parts. Some of the steps involved in the procedure are as follows:
  4. Remove the floor mats and wash them with the help of water and soup.
  5. Remove the garbage items from the car and vacuum clean in order to remove dust and dirt particles as well.
  6. Clean other parts such as steer, dashboard, internal windshield, etc. with the help of a damp cloth and dry them afterward. It is advisable to use a glass cleaner in order to clean the windshield and glass windows.
  7. It is advisable to perform dry cleaning of upholstery in the car once every month. This will keep the seats clean and remove any dirt and stains.

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