Cleaning Checklist for Making Things Easier Around Your Home


Cleaning can be a lot easier if you know what to do. Having a checklist is one of the best practices for making things easier for you. Instead of discovering that you have forgotten anything, we have collected the ultimate checklist for you. You can simply write them down and hang them in each place to make things even easier for you.

1. Kitchen:
We usually spend a lot of time in kitchens. We think that we know everything there and that it will not take much time to clean and check everything. However, we usually find out that we have forgotten things.
That is why you have to follow this checklist to make sure that you will get your kitchen done perfectly.
• Empty the garbage can.
• Bleach stovetop/oven.
• Clean microwave.
•Clean sink
• Clean counters
• Dust baseboards
• Sweep floors
• Throw away expired food
•Wash dishes
•Wipe down the front of cabinets
• Wipe down surfaces

2. Dining Room:
That is where the family usually eats and it is important to keep it clean and organized all the time.
•Dust blinds
•Wash windows & window sills

•Windex glass surfaces

•Wipe down baseboards
• Dust/wipe down table & chairs

3. Living Room:
Imagine if you have visitors right now. Is your living room good enough to sit and talk? If not, you have to check this list and start working on it immediately.
• Dust furniture/shelves/electronics
•Vacuum floor/corners
• Wash windows/window sills
• Organize items
• Dust lamps/lighting fixtures
• Wipe down all surfaces
• Dust baseboards

4. Home Office:
We feel energetic when we find everything at the office organized and clean. That is why it is important to make sure that this whole checklist is done perfectly.•Dust furniture/shelves• Throw out garbage/recycling• Vacuum•Wipe down the chair, keyboard, phone• Wash windows/window sills

5. Bedrooms:
Part of having a good night sleep is having a clean, organized bedroom. It is also important for your kids in order to prevent any infections. Check this list while cleaning bedrooms. We have made it perfectly to include the whole room and prevent any danger. • Change/wash linens and fluffy pillows•Dust baseboards/furniture/lamps•Wash all curtains• Vacuum floor• Pick up clothes/items• Wash windows/blinds
6. Bathrooms:
One of the most important places that we usually ignore unless we have visitors in the bathroom. It is a common source of infections and getting it clean protects your family.
•Bleach sink/counters•Wash toilet• Washtub/shower•Organize cupboards•Sweep and mop floors• Clean mirror(s)•Wash/change shower curtain•Wash/change any mats• Discard of trash.