How to properly clean solar panels?

How to properly clean solar panels

Solar panels have become highly popular over the course of time since they are a source of clean renewable energy. However, very few people realize that it is also important to clean solar panels regularly. Solar panels become dirty as they remain exposed to atmospheric conditions all day. Millions of people all over the world have started to use solar panels in order to run their electrical appliances since solar energy is becoming cheaper with innovation in technology. Due to the rise in their popularity and common use, some companies have also started to offer professional solar panel cleaning services while the manufacturing companies are also providing guidelines to clean solar panels. However, it is also possible for people to clean solar panels themselves at home by following a simple process explained in this article below:

Necessary precautions before performing the Solar Panel Cleaning process

Solar panels are sophisticated devices, which can get damaged if they are not handled
properly. It is, therefore, necessary to follow some basic precautions before performing the solar panel cleaning process. Some basic precautions are given as below

  1. We recommend reading the instructions provided by the manufacturing company to clean solar panels. Following these instructions will help keep the solar panels operating at maximum efficiency.
  2. Before performing the solar panels cleaning process, it is important to make sure that their temperature is not too high. Cleaning a hot solar panel can prove to be counterproductive as it can affect the workings of the solar panel.
  3. We recommend cleaning the solar panels on a cold day as compared to cleaning it on a hot day.
  4. Make sure to disconnect solar panel with the battery and all other connections so that they do not get affected during the cleaning process.

Steps involved in the solar panel cleaning process

A few supplies will be needed in order to properly perform the solar panel cleaning process. We recommend using natural cleaners such as vinegar solution in order to perform the cleaning. Commercial cleaners are also available made specifically to clean solar panels. Similarly, a soft cloth may be used in order to rub the surface of the solar panel. We do not recommend using a brush or a cloth since it may damage the surface of the solar panel. The steps involved in the clearing process are as follows:

  1. Wash the solar panel with the help of clean water so that dirt, leaves and other such deposits on the surface of the panel gets removed.
  2. Now, soak the cleaning cloth in a cleaning solution such as vinegar and start applying it on the surface of the solar panel.
  3. Rub the panel with the help of the cleaning cloth. Continue the process until all the dirt and residue on the surface of the panel are removed.
  4. Rinse the panel with the help of clean water afterward.
  5. Let it dry in air for a few hours before connecting it again with battery or other